Shorten your path to being
a commercially successful inventor

Discover the essential expertise we’ve used to turn great Invention ideas into $150 million+ in retail sales

hello inventor,

Do you have an invention the world needs?

More important question: Do you know how to turn that invention into a real-life, licensed product and get it out into the world?

Success for your invention requires that you know how to navigate the steps to go from idea to revenue.

There are a couple ways to handle it.

One way is to go it alone. You can start researching, cold calling, and learning by trial and error to find your way. This way takes time. There are many pitfalls. You can throw money out the window by overdoing or underdoing any key step. And going it alone can be… lonely.

Another way is to learn from those who have successfully gone before you and already know the path. It’s like skipping to the front of the VIP line. It’s like going through the tunnel in-stead of over the mountain.

This is how Trident Invents can help. We’ve been there. We are there. And we can share our 25 years of hard-earned wisdom with you so you can save precious resources on your journey to create a game-changing, real-world product.


Do you have an invention and not sure what to do next?

So you have a great idea. You suspect it is viable and deserves to be available on shelves and websites everywhere, but you have no idea how to connect with agencies, manufacturers, and other critical partners to get it to the public.

Do you need answers to any of these questions…
If you are asking any of these questions,


“There are no million dollar ideas,
only million dollar executions.”

“There are no million dollar ideas,only million dollar executions.”

Chris Hawker

Founder Trident Invents
& Successful Inventor

The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INVENTION LICENSING shows you the same principles we’ve used to help commercialize dozens of products that generate millions in retail revenue* such as...

*Sales figures shown are approximate retail revenue. Licensing royalties paid to inventors is a percentage of these sales figures.
Learn more in FAQs.

...and many more!

Learn the crucial steps to commercializing an invention!

Our partner products have been found at major retailers everywhere

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What You Get...

is a powerful, easy-to-digest 8-video series that divulges the fundamental principles we useto take inventions from concept to market.

Video 1: How to Identify a WINNING Idea
Video 2: A Path to Profit
Video 3: Product Development
Video 4: Prototyping
Video 5: Patents
Video 6: How to Present Your Idea
Video 7: Licensing
Video 8: A Winning Mindset


PATENTS 101 is an essential 7-video series guide to navigating the patent process to protectyour winning ideas.

Video 1: Intro to Patents
Video 2: Types of Patents
Video 3: Obtaining a Patent
Video 4: Anatomy of a Patent
Video 5: Patent Strategy
Video 6: How to Conduct a Patent Search
Video 7: How to Conduct a Market Search


PROTOTYPING: Making Million Dollar Products is an E-Book that will show you the exact methods we used to create prototypes for some of our most successful products. Topics covered include:


PROFITABILITY PLANNER will empower you to know run the numbers to know how to approach your invention development process and determine financial viability.

You have a full 30 days to consume all of the content and use all of the tools. If you don’t feel you’ve received the information we promised to further you in your journey as a successful inventor, we will gladly refund your purchase.

"I do not think there is any thrill that can go
through the human heart like that felt by the
inventor as he sees some creation of the brain
unfolding to success.”

Nikola Tesla

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