We help inventors, product designers & engineers license their great ideas

Trident is an Innovation Licensing Agency

We connect great invention ideas with manufacturers and distributors to create real-life products.
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License An Invention Idea

Perhaps you have put in time, tested, tinkered, and created a prototype that solves a major problem or improves a product. And you believe your invention deserves to be on shelves and in checkout carts everywhere.

That’s where we come in.
We can evaluate your innovation and recommend next steps or a potential partnership.

Boost Your Skills & Know-How

If you have a passion for inventing but have not developed a market-ready product yet, we can help you get up to speed through courses, mentoring, and coaching.

Our Partner Products Are Everywhere

We Help Great Ideas Win

Dedicated Team

We make sure innovative product ideas find homes where they can grow and thrive.

We represent innovations from new kitchen gadget designs to nano-technology and present them to companies ranging from niche industry players to corporate giants.

We have dedicated licensing agents who work to pitch winning ideas to our vast network of prodect manufacturers and marketing companies.

Secure, No-Risk Submissions

We are a contingency-based agency, meaning we work at no expense to you until we secure a deal for you.

If we choose your project, we believe it can win!

There are no million dollar ideas,
only million dollar executions.

Leverage Our Expertise

Avoid going down a rabbit hole investing in equipment, patents, and engineering expenses you may not be ready for. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to demystify the industry, we can help you navigate the process and make wise investments when they are necessary.

How we Serve Inventors

Invention Feedback
and Evaluations
Invention and
Tech Licensing
Project Planning
and Guidance
Network Resources
and Partnerships
Educational Courses
and Mentoring
Innovation Insiders Monthly Newsletter, Inventors Group And Private Zoom Meetup

What Successful Clients Say

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