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Onion Goggles

The Onion Goggles are one of our most successful products.  Manufactured by RSVP International,  The Onion Goggles prevent crying from cutting onions by blocking the sulfuric fumes that cause the tears.  They have sold LOTS.  Click here to see them on Amazon.

The Onion Goggles are an icon in the gourmet industry, and have been featured in the New York Times and countless cooking shows. They were also featured in the hit shows Modern Family and Castle (neither by our doing. They were organically written in by the writers)

Amazingly, the Onion Goggles also have become something of a fashion statement! Search #oniongoggles on Instagram to see countless OG selfies. Iron Chef Morimoto even called them his favorite cooking gadget and drew a picture of them!

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