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Pull out your sketch book, put on your thinking cap, and submit your best ideas

hello inventor,

Trident Invents has teamed up with Bethlehem Lights to manage their open innovation program in order to generate new concepts for them turn into winning products
This is the perfect opportunity to team up with our community of talented inventors like you to get GREAT IDEAS that can be turned into PROFITABLE PRODUCTS.


This is an opportunity to get your invention distributed and monetized on BIG SCALE. Your ideas can be submitted at any level of development, from mere words to fully developed proto-typess- with or without patents pending. The better developed your concept is, the higher the chances.
However… the readiness level and IP status will impact royalty rates, which can range from 3%-5%!
Bethlehem Lights focuses on Christmas decor and lighting, with an emphasis on quality and innovation.

They have 4 main categories currently:


Current innovations include



With artificial plants.
Current innovations include


Current innovations include
Bethlehem sells 90% of their product on QVC so the target audience is women over 60.Bethlehem is very good at working with QVC. This relationship, along with their portfolioof innovative products, are their biggest assets.
***NOTE*** We aren’t limited to the existing categories!!!!! if you have an idea thatwould do very well on QVC in another category they are open to seeing it.
Sign into your ThinkBank™ account or create one to submit.Don’t worry. Our secure platform has IP protection built right in.You will always retain ownership of your great ideas.

WHAT happens after you submit

Initial Submission
This is the initial submission, prior to an NDA being signed, and will ask for in-formation about the problem being solved and other project information. Since there is no NDA signed yet, you will not submit the actual concept, focusing on non-confidential aspects of the project. Each project will have a separate submission record under your ac-count.
Non Disclosure Agreement
If I determine that the concept has potential merit for Bethlehem, I will ask for an NDA to be signed so I can see the actual concept. This will be able to be signed digitally and the NDA will be attached to the submission record in the Idea Bank for easy access. There will be a separate NDA for every project that proceeds. After the NDA is signed you can submit a detailed description of the concept, as well as any videos, images, or presentations that may exist. Bethlehem is actively developing many items, so I will be able to screen out any concepts that conflict with what they are already working on. At this phase, if it looks interesting, I will set up a call to discuss the project.
Connect With Bethlehem
If, after seeing the concept, I determine that the item may be of interest to Bethlehem, you will sign an NDA directly with Bethlehem. Again, this will be done digitally and the agreement will be attached to the submission record for future reference. Once this agreement is signed, I will submit the idea to them for consideration. Ideas will be presented at monthly intervals.
Clarity Call
If Bethlehem is excited about an idea, we will set up a call to get very clear on the project. If everything still looks good, they will discuss it with their marketing and sales teams for buy in and feedback, and then they may make an offer for a license on the item. All contracts will include a 6 month out clause in case QVC is not interested. Assuming both parties agree to terms, they will generate a contract and then we will get it signed.
Product Development
Since they really have one main customer, QVC, their first order of business will be to show the item to their buyer at QVC. Depending on the project, they may invest in some product development, costing, prototyping, or rendering prior to showing to QVC. If QVC is not interested, they will trigger the out clause and all rights will revert to the inventor. If QVC is interested, Bethlehem will then commit to the product development and, if applicable, IP filings, and enter the product into their pipeline.
Start Receiving Royalties
This is the phase once the product is put into production and sales begin and the concept is producing royalties. It usually takes them about 18 months to take a product from concept to market.
Sign into your ThinkBank™ account or create one to submit.Don’t worry. Our secure platform has IP protection built right in.You will always retain ownership of your great ideas.
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