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We’re looking for a few great ideas.

The Innovation Challenge is a monthly open call for innovative products.

Entries we choose from this process will be presented to a featured partner for consideration for a licensing and distribution agreement.

The specific industry and partner change from month to month.

We negotiate licensing deals for a variety of product categories.

We negotiate licensing deals for a
variety of product categories.

Advanced Materials
Consumer Products

The Innovation Challenge is for established and aspiring inventors with invention ideas that fit the partner/category for the month.

Submissions are due by the last day of the month!

How to Submit Your Innovation

1. Submit your invention via the ThinkBank™ Online Portal

The ThinkBank is the online dashboard for all of your confidential invention submissions. Create an account or login to begin. Be sure to indicate if your submission is in response to the Innovation Challenge.

2. One of our licensing experts will review your submission

We look at the problem you are solving and how well it meets the Innovation Challenge criteria. We also look at the development level of your idea, including patents, prototypes and presentation materials.

3. Great ideas are selected

If we feel you have a winning concept that is a good match for our Innovation Challenge partner, we will notify you. If necessary, we will reach out to you for more information.

Criteria for Selection

We look at the essential readiness and potential on the invention idea using the “4 Ps.”

PRODUCT: Is it a good idea and a good fit for the challenge?

PROTOTYPE: Is there a ready and working prototype?

PATENT: Is there intellectual property attached to the invention?

PRESENTATION: Is the innovation presentation of quality and ready to be pitched?

What happens when your innovation is selected.

At the end of the challenge we will notify you by email whether you are selected or not.
If selected, we will present your idea to our challenge partner.
if the partner expresses interest, we will work with you to negotiate a license with them. You retain the right to final approval.
If a deal is made, you will receive a 60% share. Trident will receive a 40% share of product royalties. We only get paid if you get paid.
If a license is secured, we will shepherd your invention through to production.

Good Luck and Happy Inventing!

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