Partner with Trident to create a new innovation pipeline of profitable products

Looking to improve the quantity and quality of new products in your line?

Looking to improve the quantity and
quality of new products in your line?

Trident is an innovation agency. We connect great ideas to licensing opportunities with partners who are product manufacturers in search of the next winner. We solicit submissions for consideration via Innovation Challenges.
We conduct Innovation Challenges bi-monthly. Each challenge is specific to the type of innovations our manu- facturing partner is seeking. We specialize in consumer products, toys, and advanced materials.


Trident’s Innovation Challenge Program Helps You...

Scale the number of viable submissions you receive

Our channels and process generate more sub-
missions than you are receiving organically.
We reach out to the specific inventors that
design the kinds of products you specialize in.
Through both our internal and external channels, we can grow the amount of ideas you can
say ‘yes’ to.

Take product hunting off
your plate

Our system frees you up to concentrate on the many other challenging facets of running your business. Rather than hiring and managing an internal team, we handle everything for you at a fraction of the cost.

We manage the inventor relationships for you

We create a single point of contact so the communication process is streamlined and handled for you.

How Innovation Challenges Work

We generate submissions to our Innovation Challenges using several approaches

Campaign Discovery Call

We learn about your process and the specific types of innovation you’re looking for.

Challenge Campaign is Launched

We put the machine into action including…

Monthly Mastermind Group

You or one of your team will appear as a special guest on our monthly Zoom call
with our private community of inventors. We send out an edited video of the call
to our community of 9000+ inventors, designers and collaborators.

Promotion to our internal newsletter and mailing list

Your Innovation Challenge is detailed and featured in out monthly newsletter.

Paid Advertising

We conduct paid advertising and marketing campaigns via partner sites and social media.
Campaigns include:

Innovation Presentation

Once the challenge is concluded, our team of consultants reviews and vets all submissions to find the best ideas for presentation to our partner for a possible license,
to be negotiated between your manufacturing company and the product designers
with the support of Trident.

Reach Out To Learn More

Capacity for qualified partners is limited so act now

The Advantages of Partnering with Trident

We have successfully brought dozens of products to market with partners. We know the terrain.
We have manufacturing contacts in China and elsewhere to get products produced economically and timely.
If needed, we have established relationships with world class designers and producers to move the projects along.
We have thousands of subscribers to our programs who are actively inventing and submitting product ideas for our partners.

The Investment

The investment includes a two-month campaign, ad design, newsletter feature, mastermind appearance, video editing, landing page design, and ad spend.


Past Winning Products Include

Looking for complete innovation support?

Our Virtual Innovation Officer program may be for you.

Trident is an Innovation Agency

We connect great invention ideas with manufacturers and distributors to create successful, real-life products.
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